What is the world made of ?

What will I make of it !

I often reflect on the stories my dad told us about his childhood in rural Sardinia and about how dramatically the world has changed since that time. When I was a kid growing up in Southern Ontario, such exotic and humble roots were a source of pride, awkwardness, and confusion (not necessarily in that order :-). Indeed, my sense of self was felt more like a maze of spaghetti… To which world exactly did we belong? The exciting future with its “promise” of technology or the quasi-mythic past of a far away land and ancient ways?

On this journey, taking pictures and making films has been my go-to creative (and obsessive) way to study and orient myself within the spaghetti-world. Today, like always, I wonder, what will I make of it? … or for that matter, What does it take to be human?

Spaghettimentary: multi-genre, reality based film (kinda like a documentary) with slippery winding paths and sauce. Risky. Very delicious to watch. 

Al dente: firm to the tooth.

Thank You!  -  Grazie!  -  Merci!

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