GO AHEAD TURN is an independently produced documentary film by Frank Sanna.

Eternally curious about the world and his place within it, filmmaker/photographer Frank Sanna explores his father’s rustic Sardinian past, as well as his own 2nd generation Canadian experience, seeking to distil a meaningful heritage to share with his young son Léo. Filmed in Sardinia Italy, Southern Ontario and Montreal, Quebec, GO AHEAD TURN presents us with the imagination and technology of three generations in a playful and poetic vision of the human need to make and belong.

It’s said that you can’t know where you’re going unless you know where you’ve been. With this film, I want to explore how traditional and modern worldviews intersect and inform my attempt to construct a meaningful identity. Looking at my father, my son, and myself, reflecting on our respective encounters with the world, I want to go deeper into the tension of what constitutes “real” meaning or real value in life.

If symbol making or “metaphor” is a founding human principle (one that sets us apart us from our animal legacy) then the best heritage I have to offer is not a fixed image of the past, but rather, a journey and migration. Along this path, the uprooting of personal and historic impressions gives us the chance to reconsider and nurture new feelings and ideas about how we connect to one another and the world.

Destination still unknown. The “spaghettimentary” trails weave high and low. It’s time to take another look.

GammaFilm is the trademark and production entity of Montreal based
director-producer Frank Sanna 
who is committed
to exploring our collective humanity
through visionary images and storytelling

* * *

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